UCSD | Soirée for Music Lovers
14 February, 2018
— Ravel, Sonatine for flute, viola and harp
w/ Päivikki Nykter and Tasha Smith-Godinez

UCSD | Jürg Frey
4 March, 2018
UCSD, CPMC Recital Hall, free
— Frey, Ohne Titel (Architektur der Stille)
w/ Curt Miller, bass clarinet

UCSD | Palimpsest
24 September, 2018
UCSD Conrad Prebys Concert Hall
— Stockhausen, Kontra-Punkte
— Qingqing Wang, wp
— Jürg Frey, wp
— Roger Reynolds, Transfigured Wind III**


It’s About Time | Michael Pisaro’s “asleep, forest, melody, path”
2 February, 2018
UCSD Conrad Prebys Concert Hall
–Michael Pisaro, asleep, forest, melody, path
w/ Erik Carlson, Greg Stuart, and UCSD graduate students

John Luther Adams: Inuksuit – A Border-Crossing Presentation
27 January, 2018
International Friendship Park
–John Luther Adams, Inuksuit   

UCSD | Grad Forum
27 October, 2017
— Matthew Chamberlain, Mime for solo flute          


Harvard Group for New Music | Arts @ 29 Garden
24 September, 2017
— Ferneyhough, Superscriptio
— Matthew Chamberlain, Mime for solo flute (wp)           
— Nono, A Pierre. Dell’azzurro silenzio, inquietum 
w/ TJ Borden (vc) and Madison Greenstone (cl)


NFA Convention | The Changing Face of Virtuosity
Friday. 18 August, 2017. Minneapolis, MN Convention Center
— Bernhard Lang, Schrift 1.2
— Anne La Berge, Unengraced
w/ Lisa Cella (fl)

SD Fringefest | 8 Songs for a Mad King
22 – 25 June, 2017. US Grant Hotel. Bivouac Ballroom
— Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, 8 Songs for a Mad King

UCSD | Commune
Friday. 28 April, 2017. 7 pm. UCSD Conrad Prebys Concert Hall
— Stuart Saunders Smith, Commune (wp)

Springfest | Donatoni/Feldamn
Friday. 14 April, 2017. 5 pm. UCSD Conrad Prebys Concert Hall
— Donatoni, Ave
— Feldman, Why Patterns?
w/ Mari Kawamura (pno) and Sean Dowgray (perc)

Madison Greenstone | Clarinet
Thursday. 6 April, 2017. 7 pm. UCSD Experimental Theater
— Nono, A Pierre. Dell’azzurro silenzio, inquietum 

UCSD | Chamber Orchestra 
— Mozart, Concerto in C for Flute and Harp
w/ Tasha Smith-Godinez (harp)

University of Pittsburgh, Bradford | Spectrum| FLUTES
Thursday. 23 March, 2017. noon. UB Bradform, KOA Speer Electronics Lobby
A program of 20th century music and original multimedia works by students at UB. Presented in collaboration with composer and UB Professor in Composition, Joshua Groffman.

UCSD | Palimpsest
Wednesday. 1 March, 2017. 7 pm. UCSD Conrad Prebys Concert Hall
— Carter, Penthode
— Ligeti, Piano Concerto
— Tobin Chodos, Accord in the Corral (wp)

La Jolla Symphony and Chorus | Berio: Sinfonia
Saturday. 11 February, 2017. 7:30 pm. Sunday. 2 pm. UCSD Mandeville Auditorium
— Rossini, Barber of Seville Overture
— Berio, Sinfonia

SlowSD | Three in one
Sunday. 12 February, 2017. 5:00 – 6:30 pm. UCSD Recital Hall
— Murphy-Mancini, two pieces for flute and cello
— Cat Lamb, Frame
— Ernstalbrecht Stiebler, Three in One for bass flute and tape
w/ TJ Borden, and Judith Hamann (vc)

SlowSD | Crippled Symmetry
Saturday. 11 February, 2017. 11:00 – 1:00 pm. UCSD Recital Hall
— Feldman, Crippled Symmetry
w/ Aleck Karis (pno) and Steven Schick (perc)
more info

Renga | Boulez: Répons
Wednesday. 1 February, 2017. 7pm. UCSD Mandeville Auditorium
— Varèse, Octandre
— Anahita Abassi, Cordatum (wp)           
— Boulez, Répons 

UCSD | John Fonville Portrait Concert
Wednesday. 25 January, 2017. 7pm. UCSD Concert Hall
— Fonville, Changing Scales

Michiko Ogawa | DMA Recital
Monday. 23 January, 2017. 7pm. UCSD Concert Hall
Music by Teiji Ito, with film

UCSD | John Fonville Portrait Concert
Sunday. 22 January, 2017. 4pm. UCSD Concert Hall
— Fonville, Mong Songs “F-19” 
— Fonville, Music for Sarah                
— Rand Steiger, for Marnie Dilling    
w/ Christine Tavolacci, Berglind María Tómasdóttir, Reiko Manabe, and Elizabeth McNutt

SoundON Festival
Sunday. 8 January, 2017. 2:00pm. Athenaeum Music & Arts Library, San Diego
Doina Rotaru, Uroboros
w/ Lisa Cella (fl)

UCSD | 2nd Year Graduate Composition Juries
Wednesday. 27 October, 2016. 7:30pm. UCSD Concert Hall / Experimental Theatre
new works by UCSD graduate composers

La Jolla Symphony 
29 – 30 October, 2016. UCSD Mandeville Auditorium
— Alexander Scriabin, Poem of Ecstasy

Kaleidoscope | Mosaic
16/18 September, 2016. Los Angeles Union Station, First Presbyterian Church in Santa Monica
— Charles Peck, Mosaic (world Premiere)
Beethoven, Symphony No. 6 Pastorale   

SICPP | Iditarod
Saturday. 25 June, 2016. 5pm – 2am. NEC Brown Hall
— Vinko Globokar, Blinde Zeit

Michael Matsuno | DMA 1
Sunday. 22 May, 2016. 4:30pm. UCSD Experimental Theatre
— Yvonne Wu, Carvings for solo flute
Giacinto Scelsi, Ko-Lho for flute and clarinet         
— John Fonville, Mong Songs for two flutes            
— Cat Lamb, Frame for flute and cello                        
Bernhard Lang, DW 22 for flute and double bass           
Bernhard Lang, Schrift 1.2 f or solo flute
w/ Michiko Ogawa (cl), Rachel Beetz (fl), Judith Hamann (vc), Matthew Kline (db)

University of Buffalo | new music for flute
Friday. 25 March, 2016. 7:30pm
— new works by: Jessie Downs, Meredith Gilna (UB)
— new works by: Yvonne Wu, Justin Murphy-Mancini (UCSD)
Franco Donatoni, Nidi for solo piccolo

UCSD | Grad Forum
Friday. February 19, 2016. 7:00pm
— Jessie Marino, Rot Blau (with Madison Greenstone)
— J.S. Bach, Matsuno/Kline, works in drag

What’s Next? | Solo
Friday. 4 March, 2016. 7:00pm. Lineage Art Space, Pasadena, CA
— Emmanuel Nunes, Versus III for alto flute and viola
— Franco Donatoni, Nidi for solo piccol0
w/ John Stulz (vla)

Renga | Des Canyons aux Etoiles
Sunday, 24 January, 2016. UCSD, CPMC Concert Hall
— Olivier Messiaen, Des Canyons aux Étoiles

La Jolla Symphony | Copland
December 5-6, 2015. UCSD, Mandeville Auditorium
— György Ligeti, Atmosphères
Claude Debussy, La Mer

Wed@7 | Palimpsest
Wednesday, 17 February, 2016. 7:00pm. UCSD, CPMC Concert Hall
— Xavier Beteta, World Premiere
— Mario Davidovsky, Divertimento for Eight
Tristan Murail, Memoire Erosion

La Jolla Symphony | Copland
December 5-6, 2015. UCSD, Mandeville Auditorium
— John Luther Adams, The Light That Fills the World
— Ori Talmon, Tenakh
— Samuel Barber, Prayers of Kierkegaard
Aaron Copland, Symphony No. 3

La Jolla Symphony | Young People’s Concert
UCSD, Mandeville Auditorium
— Edgard Varèse, Tuning Up
— Johannes Brahms, Piano Concerto No. 1
w/ Aleck Karis (pno)
— John Luther Adams, Become Ocean

UCSD Music Department | Welcome Concert
Monday, 21 September, 2015  :  7:00pm. CPMC Concert Hall
— Wolfgang von Schweinitz, Morgenlied for solo flute

La Jolla Symphony | Sila
Saturday, 27 September, 2015  :  4:00pm. Balboa Park
— John Luther Adams, Sila: The Breath of the World

Michael Matsuno | MA Recital
Saturday, 16 May, 2015  :  4:00pm. CPMC Concert Hall
— Robert Erickson, Quoq
— Lei Liang, In Praise of Shadows
— Brian Griffeth-Loeb, Aphorisms and Rituals (world premiere)
— Brian Ferneyhough, Cassandra’s Dream Song
Stefan Wolpe, Piece in Two Parts for Flute and Piano
w/ Todd Moellenberg (pno)

Springfest | The Family Room: Season 2
Saturday, 11 April, 2015  :  7:00pm. CPMC Experimental Theater

Springfest | Matthew Kline
Wednesday, 8 April, 2015  :  7:00pm. CPMC Concert Hall
György Kurtag, Bagatelles

Springfest | Ogawa | Matsuno
Tuesday, 7 April, 2015  :  7:00pm. CPMC Concert Hall
— Elliott Carter, Esprit Rude / Esprit Doux
— Giacinto Scelsi, Ko-Lho
— Kevin Zhang, our energies propose we meet
— Misato Mochizuki, All that is including me       
w/ Michiko Ogawa (cl) Batya MacAdam-Somer (vn)

Claire Chase | Cerchio Tagliato dei Suoni
Saturday, 4 April, 2015  :  4:00pm. UCLA, Schoenberg Hall
— Salvatore Sciarrino, Cerchio Tagliato dei Suoni
          Flutes: Claire Chase, Michael Matsuno, Erin McKibben, Christine Tavolacci
$29 – $39    

MUS 33B | Intro to Composition
Wednesday, 18 March, 2015  :  3:00pm. UCSD, Experimental Theater
— New works by UCSD undergraduates

Monday Evening Concerts | Song After Song
Monday, 16 March, 2015  :  8:00pm. Colburn School, Zipper Hall
— Bill Hopkins, En Attendant U.S .Premiere
$29 – $39

Palimpsest | music of Brian Ferneyhough
Wednesday, 4 March, 2015  :  7:00pm. CPMC Concert Hall
— Ferneyhough, La Chute d’Icare
— Kevin Zhang, new work
— Hunjoo Jung, new work
w/ Anthony Burr (cl)

Grad Forum | winter
Friday, 13 February, 2015  :  7:00pm. CPMC Experimental Theater
— Salvatorre Sciarrino, Venere che le grazie la fioriscono for solo flute

UCSD | Monday@Noon
3 November, 2014 – 12:00pm. Conrad Prebys Concert Hall
— Robert Erickson, Quoq for Solo Flute

La Jolla Symphony Orchestra and Chorus | on the nature of sensation and thought
8 November, 2014 – 7:30pm. 9 November, 2014 – 2:00pm. Mandeville Auditorium
— Nathan Davis, a Sound, uttered (World Premiere)
— Gustav Mahler, Symphony No. 5

UCSD Music | WEDS@7 Palimpsest
19 November, 2014 – 7:00pm. Conrad Prebys Concert Hall
— Donald Martino, Triple Clarinet Concerto
— Yvonne Wu, Piano Concerto (World Premiere)
— Naoyuki Terai, Colors in the Forest for fl. vc. db. perc.
— Tomoyuki Hisatome, un logo sulla terra for fl. vln. gtr

Matt Kline | Graduate Bass Recital
22 November, 2014. Contrad Prebys Concert Hall
— John Dorhauer, Inarritu for fl. db. pno. (world premiere)

Sept 18 5-7pm
— Simon Steen-Andersen, Rerendered for pianist and two assistants
w/ Todd Moellenberg (pno), Nicolee Kuester (assistant)

WildUP Ensemble | Allora & Calzadilla, Concert for Hans and Marguerite

June 27, 28. REDCAT Theatre, Disney Concert Hall

What’s Next? Ensemble | 6th Los Angeles Composers Project
June 21 8pm. Art Share, Los Angeles
— Nicole Mitchell, Cave of Self Induction for two flutes and percussion

3 Flutes | electroacoustic music concert @ UCSD
June 2 2014
— Manoury, Jupiter
w/ Paul Hembree (computer)
What’s Next? Ensemble | Child
— David Lang, Child
April 26 Boston Court Performing Arts Center Pasadena, CA

Flux Aeterna | Inaugural Concert
— Nick Deyoe, 2fl
w/ Rachel Beetz (fl)

UCSD | First Monday

May 5 12 noonUCSD CPMC Concert Hall
— Josh Groffman, AxBxC, for solo flute
Carolyn Chen | Hoods Opera

performances: May 11, 7pm @ The Wulf Los Angeles
May 17 7pm @ CPMC Experimental Theatre
Springfest @ UCSD | XX
April 15, 2014 8pm CPMC Experimental Theatre
— Fernanda Aoki Navarro, Pink
Springfest @ UCSD | Birch Aquarium

April 13, 2014 6-8pm. Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institute of Oceanography
— Kaija Saariaho, Noa-Noa
w/ Yeung-ping Chen (computer)
Springfest @ UCSD | Crippled Symmetry
April 7, 2014 8:30pm. CPMC Concert Hall
— Morton Feldman, Crippled Symmetry
w/ Kyle Adam Blair (pno) and Ryan Nestor (perc)

WasteLAnd | April 4th
— Brian Griffeath-Loeb, on a par with grass & twigs

What’s Next? Ensemble | Jacob TV
March 28 2014 8pm. Club Fais Do Do 5257 W. Adams Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90016
Jacob TV, excerpts from The News, and other works
UCSD | First Monday

March 03 2014 12pm
— Jo Kondo, Walk for Flute and Piano
w/ Todd Moellenberg
Wed@7 | Palimpsest
Feb 19, 2014 7pm. CPMC Concert Hall
— Luigi Dallapiccola, Piccola musica notturna
— Niccolò Castiglino, Auf der Suche nach einem frischen Wind
— Kyle Rowan, Despite the Shadows (wp)
Ryan Nestor | DMA Percussion Recital
Oct 20, 2013 2pm. CPMC Concert Hall
— Gerald Eckert, Schwebe Verlöschend (US premiere) 
What’s Next? Ensemble |
Carlsbad Music Festival
Sept 20, 2013 5:30pm Magee Park
— Philip Glass, Music in Similar Motion

What’s Next? Ensemble | vortex
Aug 9, 2013 8pm. MiMoDa Studio, Los Angeles
— Morton Feldman, The Viola in My Life II
— Gerard Grisey, Vortex Temporum